1949 – 2009:
Granite – has been quarried from the site “Marien-Luisenbruch Plöcking” in Neuhaus ob der Donau for 60 years now.

hbf1 2001 – 2009: 8 years STEINREICH

1949 was the point of departure and the beginning of construction. The granite blocks were arranged to form columns. For more than five decades they supported the transverse section of the Central Train Station in Linz, with the tower clock on top. The train station, at the time of its construction the most modern one in Europe, was built in 1949. The first journey of the square granite blocks was to Linz, to the large construction site of the Central Train Station. Supporting pillars were needed for the transverse section. For more than half a century they stood erect at the Central Train Station of Linz! Everybody remembers them, the characteristic features of the Central Train Station, the transverse section in its splendor, the tower clock on top, the road passing through it…
img22 This gateway which travelers and inhabitants of Linz passed through… Year after year in regular intervals Line 3 passed by the supporting pillars of the transverse section…. 2001 brought with it the end of the transverse section! 6 supporting pillars that had no further function were released, toppled, came to lie on the ground.



They constituted the foundation stones of the STEINREICH project. The demolition expert Karl Scheuwimmer sold the granite stones to the Johans Kronschlager Co. for a small price. Dr. Ferdinand Schmelz, an art-loving dentist, provided financial support. In this way Dr. Ferdinand Schmelz enabled the initiation of the PROJECT STEINREICH. …..and from there it went on! Buddhists say “stones are alive”, shamans can communicate with them. Johans P. von Steinreich is convinced: “Stones want to travel!” & “traveling is living” (H.C. Andersen).

Temporary storage
The second journey was undertaken by the Felbermayr Company, a firm specializing in the transport of heavy goods. It led from the Central Train Station of Linz to the large-scale ASFINAG Reprocessing Plant in Lunz Street, in the marshes of the Traun River. The pile of rocks had to remain there for almost six years. A great deal was going on around it while it was lying there, dreaming of journeys, waiting to be carried away. That was no friendly place, the ASFINAG Reprocessing Plant: all the time gigantic mountains of diverse rubble coming and going….finding new uses. Among them was our STEINREICH. About 111 tons of granite rock, 64 stone blocks – more than 25 of the smallest of them, around 1.25 tons in size. About the same number of doubly heavy ones. Finally, more massive ones weighing nearly 4 tons apiece: the foundations of the 6 columns of the transverse section! STEINREICH, the pile of rocks, was near the storage site of the Office of Civil and Underground Engineering of the City of Linz. There were about 900 tons of rocks there, shaped for building sidewalks, to serve as paving- and demarcation stones and for various other uses. Seven years on down the road, in April 2003, a demand to move on! The area, now a construction site, had to be cleared. Johans & STEINREICH, just back from research work in Denmark, in the Cities of Odense and Copenhagen, where the poet and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen had spent the better part of his life. He is our teller of fairy tales!

zwischenFor the second time STEINREICH was headed for a new destination on a deep loading vehicle of the Felbermayr Company: for the square “Steinmetzplazl” in Linz/Urfahr. It was on the way to that same “Steinmetzplazl” in Urfahr where stones from the Marie-Louisenloch Quarry had been un- and reloaded up until the First World War. From there the journey went out to the big wide world. A three-day festival was announced and the stones were freed from the rest of the wall. There was singing and dancing, literature was read.

zwischen The culmination of the festival was the consecration of the stones by the priest Franz-Peter Handlechner from Linz (diocese St. Michael in the Bindermichl District). The “Goldhaubenfrauen Group of Puchenau” was present, a group of women attired in traditional golden hoods. Maiken Krose-Westergaard, a young woman from the town where H.C. Andersen had been born, read the fairy tale “The Princess on the Pea” in Danish on the ship “Fitzcarraldo”, which was tied to the landing pier West Urfahr. The guests became familiar with the melody of the Danish language. After 3 days of celebration – departure for new shores!

zwischen ON THE WAY TO NEW SHORES! Before us we see the City of Linz, the park on the Danube, the Lentos Art Museum! Action 1: Unloading of a first elongated pile of stones in the Danube River. Action 2: Construction for the last supper in May 2003 and a religious sculpture that can be walked on. An object with 4 towers, like a lighthouse,….each tower signifying a different direction. The idea was taken from Augustin Jean Fresnel (1788-1827), discoverer of the Fresnel lens and rescuer of many sailors. This lens magnified the intensity of the light 18 times. Tower and table on a bed of gravel. The earth was shaped to form a land-art sculpture. The idea for it came from Gustav Courbets oil painting “The Origin of the World”, 1866. Aktion 3: The table was taken away and the tower toppled. Each of the 4 tower columns made the earth tremble, 4 times altogether... The installation was toppled so that STEINREICH could assume a new form. Three rocks were on the river shore, the rest of them remained in their original position. 4 seasons passed over the land. STEINREICH experienced many moods of light, 2 Linz festivals; it set the scene for numerous encounters and parties.

zwischenA colorful, bright New Years Eve, icy, snowy winter nights – STEINREICH dreams of springtime, yearns to travel! STEINREICH turns into a social sculpture, a place of encounter, meeting and communication. The public loves it, but the threat of removal is looming over it. For a long time now Johans P. STEINREICH has been considering Enns on the Enns as a new site for the PROJECT STEINREICH.

zwischen Anfang Mai 2005 Übersiedelung von der Linzer Donaulände in den Linzer Hafen.
Seit Sommer 2007 ist Steinreich zu Gast bei Familie Traunmüller auf dem Platz der Swin-Golf-Anlage in Linz/Urfahr.

2007 ...Anordnen & Stelen...

img 4981  2008 ...umlegen, flachmachen ... „Alle ein Niveau”

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